Thu, 18 May 2017

2017 Honda CBR1000-RR review

Blade Honda are excited to announce that the long-awaited ‘all-new’ Honda Fireblade is now in our showrooms, including the very first demonstrators for you to enjoy. Supply ‘will’ be limited this season, so please do not delay in securing your new Fireblade!

As if this awesome new bike wasn’t enough we have more to tempt you making ownership truly affordable with payments from ‘only’ £129 per month and a free £750 deposit contribution for orders placed before 30th June 2017!
Don’t take our word for how good this bike really is, see what the press say below…

The Press Verdict


The new Fireblade has more desirability and wow factor. Nevertheless, bling aside the new models are equally good looking. On the standard Blade you do not have the versatility and simplicity of the SP Semi-active suspension, but add the optional quick shifter and you will be pleased. If you’re not confident in suspension set up or aren’t a track day addict, opt for the standard model.
SP model - The rider aids are some of the best on the market while the semi-active Ohlins suspension is class leading and Honda have made adjusting it easy for everyone. Experienced riders will find the cornering ABS a little intrusive and will have to tuck in tight but it’s a hugely impressive transformation. Well Done Honda!

It’s lighter, more powerful and packed with technology, the new Blade is back in the fight for litre-bike supremacy!

The Expert Verdict

Honda invited some of their racing legends to join the journalists for the launch of the new Fireblade. Here are their first impressions:

John McGuinness – TT Legend
"The new bike is slick and refined, they are absolutely planted on the brakes and in a straight line. Under extreme braking, you can feel the ABS kick in but there is no judder from the lever. The back lifts slightly then the ABS takes over. The slipper clutch and engine braking work really well. The quick shift and autoblip work really well. There are no glitches in the smooth power delivery. The electronics have a vast amount of parameters and adjustment. The new bike is a sweet ride''

Freddie Spencer –Multiple Grand Prix world champion
"This is everything you know and love about the 2008 Blade, except it that much better. It's sharper, feels smaller and ultra-precise. You can make focused mid-corner adjustments. The new bike is more agile. This bike is better as the feedback I got from the bike is great especially at lean angles. With the new bike, I did not feel I had to lean it over as far. The thing I liked about riding the bike today. I was riding the most challenging track I have never ridden before, a track that has every element and elevation, a track that tests every element of the bike, after three laps it felt like I had ridden this bike yesterday! There were lots of elements with the bike that made learning the race track easier. The feedback I had helped me fix some of my little errors. The perfect combination of feedback and agility.  I had a blast, I rode with John and Steve for at least another two hours''

Steve Plater – Isle of Man TT winner
"I enjoyed some success on the old bike. After blowing the cobwebs off with Freddie and John, the best thing about the bike is it’s typical Fireblade. It's a very user-friendly and easy to ride. Once you have worked out the electronics the bike gives you great feel"

Jenny Tinmouth - the fastest woman at the Isle of Man TT
"I have never ridden a bike with electronics. I am not sure how confident I will be cranking opening the throttle and letting the electronics do their thing. Now that I have tested the bike, I am confident and the electronics allowed me to open the throttle earlier. I love the bike"

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