Fri, 21 Jun 2019

Honda's CB machine heritage

Honda's illustrious history of four cylinder production machines goes back to 1968 when at the Tokyo Motorcycle show the introduced the first ‘Superbike’  the Honda CB750 which came with electric start and disc brakes.

This was quickly followed by the smaller capacity but no less impressive CB500F, then in 1972 Mr Honda’s favourite model the CB350F and in 1975 the CB400F which featured a six speed gearbox.

1976 saw the introduction of Honda’s first automatic bike the CB750A and in 1979 another technologic leap the first DOHC four valve CB900F.

By 1981 Honda was enjoying racing success with Ron Haslam and Waye Gardner on CB1100R a truly iconic bike from the early 80’s

1992 featured the CB1000R known affectionately as ‘The big one’ it had 18” wheels and 72kW and was the first water cooled inline 4.

Many other models followed throughout the 90’s the new version of the now classic CB750 and the first Hornet only available in Japan. The CB1300, and CB600F Hornet that was so popular in the 90’s

By 2001 the CB900F had been released with the 1996 918 Fireblade engine in the frame. The CB900 Hornet, fuel injection and ABS came in the guise of the 2005 CB13000S.

2017 and 2018 saw CB1100 versions now the CB1100 RS and CB1100 EX and CB1000R flagship model in the line up.

Which brings us bang up to date with the highly rated CB650R continuing the Honda heritage.

Whatever model you’ve owned, ridden or even dreamed of. The Honda CB legacy is constantly being improved and developed and if you fancy trying one of the latest models call or contact Blade Honda in Swindon, Abingdon or Stratford Upon Avon and let us give you a Honda two wheel experience.


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